Winter Fashion

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Most women, although they have a good fashion sense when they buy single items, don’t know how to combine their clothes in the proper way.

So let’s see how to match different kind of outfits, in order to look and feel amazing.

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1. A white simple top + a red A-line skirt + a beautiful head-band = a perfect outfit for going to the Christmas party or just going out/to a date/ to an informal meeting

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If it’s cold outside, add to the outfit a coat like the one in the picture above.

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2. A floral top + a white skirt + a white purse + cream/white shoes = a perfect outfit for a whimsical winter

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Wear outfit number 2 with a fluffy cozy coat like in the picture above.

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3. A dress with an Aztec pattern + black high-heels/boots + a black/white purse = a perfect look for a rebellious girl

You can wear this outfit with a leather jacket, a big black poncho or an over-sized sweater.

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4. A gorgeous black and white dress + a black/white purse + black and white shoes = a sophisticated look, ideal for the Christmas party

You can wear the dress with a fur/leather coat/jacket.

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5. A floral dress + red high-heels + a red purse = sexiness and style

Wear the outfit with a red, classy coat.

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6. A gorgeous red dress + silver shoes + a black small purse + a white fur coat = elegance and expensiveness

You can pick simple white shoes (with just a little bit of silver), instead of the silver ones (check the picture below).

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7. A simple white dress + white shoes + a silver necklace + a white belt = an outfit for a princess

Wear it with a tailored coat, a fur coat or a leather jacket (for a more rebellious look).

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For more coat ideas, check out Kate Middleton’s style here.

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Let’s dress for winter!

winter is coming

You know the drill : every year we have to give up the frilly skirts, the petite shorts and the beautiful dresses, because -brace yourselves- winter is coming! But do not panic, there is a way to look stunning in winter without freezing to death and without looking frumpy. That way is : elegant coats, over-sized knitted sweaters and gorgeous dresses. Lolita will show you how to pair them up to create the best outfits ever! Enjoy 🙂



The coat is a must-have this winter! It doesn’t matter what fashion style you have, you can always find that perfect coat to fit you and make you look and feel beautiful. If you want a little bit of femininity, choose a tighter coat to emphasize your waist and wear it with tights and a dress/skirt underneath (outfits 1 and 7 in the collage above). If you desire to feel cozy and comfortable, pick a looser coat and wear it with a pair of jeans, boots/comfortable shoes and an over-sized bag (outfits 3, 4 and 8 in the collage). And if your style is elegant and sophisticated, choose a coat with a simple straight cut and wear it with tights or skinny jeans, high-heeled shoes and a simple bag (outfits 2, 5 and 6 in the collage). So flaunt your personal style by wearing the perfect coat!

For more ideas for the perfect coat check out Kate Middleton’s style here.

Winter dresses

1.  white lace dress

2.  elegant dress

3.  dress and jacket

4. christmas-clothes lace dress

6. black and white dress

7.  pink dress with tailored coat

8. petal_skirt_classic_lolita_dress

9. dress and jeans jacket

Even if you pick a shorter dress, if you wear it with tights, a longer coat and cozy boots, you won’t be cold and you will look absolutely amazing. So you can choose a bolder color like red (pictures number 4 and 8), whimsical white (pictures 1, 6 and 7) or go really elegant and pick a light gray (pictures 2, 3 and 9). Of course, the little black dress never gets old and you can make a big impression by wearing one (picture 5).

Winter outfits (sweaters and skirts)

10. white skirt black shirt

11. shirt and skirt

12. black jacket outfit

13. peach skirt

14. home made outfit

15elegant outfit

16. asian fashion

17.flower skirt 18.retro style

19.large sweater 20cute skirt

Pink skirts are in, as always. Pair them up with an over-sized sweater (pictures 13 and 19), a classy blouse/shirt (pictures 10 and 11) or a simple top (picture 12). You can also choose a black skirt and wear it with tight sweaters (picture 14), delicate blouses (picture 16) or knitted sweaters (picture 20). For a more retro style, pick a schoolgirl like outfit (picture 15) or go full vintage with a laced skirt, an over-sized sweater and retro accessories (picture 18). If you like the modern day-to-day look, pick a printed skirt and a neutral colored cardigan (picture 17). Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit for that extra wow-factor.

Next post will be all about the Christmas party outfit, so make sure you check it out here!

The Duchess of Cambridge

Since she has become Price William’s wife, the Duchess’ style has been impeccable. From the beautiful cocktail dresses to the cozy coats, her fashion sense is flawless : youthful, fresh and still very elegant and age-appropriate. So let’s take a look at how the next Queen of England likes to dress.


katemiddleton-30sept2012-08012013-jpg_173940  katemiddleton-11may2012-08012013-jpg_173933 katemiddleton-05june2012-08012013-jpg_173925  katemiddleton-8may2012-08012013-jpg_173932  malaysia-tea-party



Her dresses are stunning and her body is perfect, but she looks even better in coats. Long coats, short coats, medium ones, every color and every style – she has them all and she flaunts them all. Take a look!

White coats 


kate-middleton-the-duchess- katemiddleton-

Feminine coats





Long coats




Military coats 


kate-middleton-the-duchess-of-cambridge kate-middleton-the-duchess-of-cambridge-2

katemiddleton- The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge

What do you think of Kate’s fashion style?

The Prom Queen

prom queen

Have you ever wandered what’s like to be the queen of the prom?

Well…the outfit it’s at least half of  it…. the rest it’s up to you and it’s all about the attitude. So be daring, be sassy, be yourself, wear a special dress to emphasize your natural beauty and you will definitely become the queen of the prom.

Let’s try the 60’s style

60's style

And this means frilly knee-long dresses in light colours (like: pale pink, soft yellow, baby blue, peach, cream) with thin or wide straps and different coloured shoes (white, black, dark viloet, navy-blue, crimson, gold or silver if the colour of the dress allowes it).

Tinkerbell (the fairy) style

tinkerbell style

A very light, airy one-shouldered dress in a peachy white colour with a beautiful baby blue ribbon.

tinkerbell white

Or the strapless version, with a cleaner cut and more waist definition.

Classy in white 

classy white

wide shoulders

modern white

Short, with lace or with big Cinderella-like shoulders, a white  simple dress can be all you need if you are going for the classy modern look.

The black dress 

black dress

The upper part of the dress is a heart shaped corset and the bottom a longer tutu skirt, the waist being defined with a peach ribbon (you can use whatever colour you like for the ribbon as long as you match it with the colour of the shoes or with the colour of the purse).

black and gold

Black and gold always suggest luxury and opulence to the watcher, so you can try spicing up your little black dress with some gold (oh, and don’t forget the golden shoes).

black laced dress

Black goes well with lace, it makes the garment look more sophisticated and somehow classier. So if you like lace, go for it, cause it’s the right choice.

black dress2

retro steampunk

A little bit disco, a little bit steampunk…the output is not bad at all. Try a pair of shoes like the ones below for a bolder outfit.



lolita style

A goth Lolita-style dress with lace and a pretty voluminous lower part, with a black sash around the waist. Although it’s very beautiful, such a dress may be difficult to wear (while trying to have a good time and maybe dance) or it may not look good on everybody, so be careful when buying a dress like that.


Pink dresses for princesses

train dress

Do you feel like you really wanna stand out? Then go for a princess look: a dress in a pink shade, with a corset, a few details (roses or flowers) and a train.

long vintage dress

Or how about a peach mermaid dress and a beautiful hair accessory?

pink flamingo

Or a pink frilly dress with a heart-shaped corset and a vintage necklace?

black and pink

Or perhaps a ballerina style dress with a little bit of black ?

Romantic dresses

black and white

black and white2

bow pattern

Black and white can seem boring but if you know how to mix them, you could end up with something tasteful and elegant.

pink sash

white and blue

How about white and colours? Well…why not? Match the colour you choose (pink, navy-blue, purple, turquoise, crimson) with the purse’s colour or the shoes’.

white and flowers

white and pearls

White and cream look good together, especially when lace and pearls are also involved.

Beautiful Open Backs

I’m sorry I’ve been gone for some time, but now Lolita is back in business. And of course, the business we are talking about here is FASHION. This time I’m gonna show you some stunning dresses with open backs that you can wear practically everywhere: at parties, at formal events, at the disco and even when you are just talking a walk on the street.


1.  A peach-coloured dress with two beautiful ribbons.


2. A classy black dress with pearls, perfect to wear at a formal event.


3. A two-piece dress, consisting of white lace (at the top) and navy-blue velvet (at the bottom). The dress is accessorized with a big bow at the back.


4. A simple cut, a collar of pearls and two little stripes holding the dress together. What more can you ask for?


5. A dress with a unique back desing and the bottom part made entirely of lace.


6. Let’s pump it up with a crazy colour! The simple cut and the subtle opening at the back compensate for the brightness of the colour and the nude-coloured shoes are ideal for the outfit, emphasizing it.


7. The back of the dress is see-through, made of lace, as well as the hem at the bottom.


8. This cream-coloured dress is ideal for business meetings, cocktails or formal parties. Wear it with black or golden shoes for a more professional look or with a crazy coloured pair of shoes (red, bright yellow, purple, navy-blue) if you are going for a wild but still classy look.


9. A candy-pink dress, with a bare back and precious lace is a dress that every Lolita should own. It’s the dress for the princess inside that you can still wear ouside without being old fashioned, but young, fresh and modern.


10. It’s dusty-pink, elegant and beautiful and has a V-shaped back that fits the cut perfectly.


11. White and gold, the colours of the Greek Goddesses, taken from the files of history and brought back in a modern way, combined to create a beautiful outfit for the goddesses that live nowadays.


12. Bows and lace. What’s not to like?


13. A pink dress made of lace (the upper part) and a V-shaped back.


14. Short and tight, but still elegant and beautiful.


15. A dress with a gorgeous floral pattern, fit for summer and long walks in the park.


16. Last but not least, a pale mauve dress with lace (the bottom part) and an interesting back design.

Vintage Lolita Dresses

black lolita

1. A black lolita dress with a sweet bow and straps of white lace. You can wear it with lolita-type shoes like the ones below.

lolita shoes

lolita shoes2

black and white

2. A black and white lolita dress with matching stockings, gloves and headband.

victorian style

3. A gorgeous victorian style outfit that includes an olive skirt, a white blouse and a black overcoat.

olive vintage

4. An olive dress with a burgundy embroidery and a retro white blouse with a magnificent all-lace collar. You can wear it with a pair of  romantic, but still a little bit modern high-heels, like the ones below.



5. A simple burgundy lolita dress with a beautiful cut.


6. A whimsical Alice in Wonderland style dress with blue ribbons and a floral pattern. You can wear it with simple white shoes, like the ones below.



country style

7. A lolita dress with a country inspired pattern, ruffles and short sleeves. You can make this kind of dresses more casual if you pair them up with modern-type shoes. For example, you can match the dress above with the boots below for a more contemporary look.

cou ntry