Christmas Outfits 2 (White)

imagine fundal



White is the color of the season, so why not pick a whimsical white outfit to wear at the Christmas party? As long as it is tasteful but not matronly and sexy but not slutty, a white dress can make you feel the magic of winter. Cream and peach are also winter-appropriate colors, as well as light blue and navy blue.




White outfits

white laced dress

white lace- dress

open back-heartshaped

heart-shaped corset dress

White and black outfits

white and black

white coat

 large (3)

lolita dress- black and white white dress black lace

Cream outfits

cream and black

 laced collar-dress

cream skirt

White and cream shoes 

cream ribbon shoes

cream classy shoes


white platform shoes

Baby blue and navy blue dresses

baby blue

large (2)

                      navy blue        short dress

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Christmas Outfits 1 (Red)

red skirt


Christmas is near and the question on everybody’s lips is: what are you going to wear to the Christmas party? Lolita will show you how to amaze everyone by wearing the most beautiful Christmas outfits.


But first of all, a big NO-NO are the costumy outfits that are not only hideous, but also unflattering and remind us of an old Halloween costume that nobody wants to wear anymore.


Sorry, Katy Perry, but some outfits are not meant to be shown to the public.

If you want to party with style and still have a themed outfit, check out the styles below.

Christmas means Red


1. red dress-christmas

2. Christmas dress

3. vintage red

4. Christmas-Dresses-

5. outfit-red

6. red_crossover_lolita dress

7. Christmas1

8. Valentine Dresses~ Tunics

If you want to feel sexy and glamorous, pick a red dress that will surely make an impression. Accessorize it with nude shoes/purses or find another contrasting color for the accessories (gold, white, black). Depending on your fashion style, you can choose a more classic dress (picture 1 and 3), a modern dress (2, 4 and 5), a Lolita style one (picture 6) or a very short and sexy one (pictures 7 and 8).

Street-wear streetwear  10.street-style

Red is a popular color for street-wear, as well. So wear a red dress with black tights, boots and maybe a longer coat (because it’s still cold outside). Don’t forget about the scarf, gloves and a belt to emphasize your waist.

Stars wearing Christmas outfits

kim-red dress

Kim, we appreciate your fashion sense and your courage to show off your curves. And this dress does miracles for everybody’s figure, especially due to the silver corset. Also, the high-heeled shoes make every girl look taller and leaner. So this is a total YES-YES.

katy perry in red

Katy, sometimes you dress like a Goddess and this dress is exactly what a Goddess would wear. The subtle shimmer of the dress, the heart-shaped corset, the big leg-opening and the red gloves are a perfect outfit for a Christmas party. Not to mention the gorgeous shoes with a double strap. So this is also a YES-YES.

selena gomez

Selena knows her stuff and how to flaunt it. So it’s not a surprise that she is almost always well-dressed and elegant. This dress is the perfect example – young and fresh, but sill looking expensive and sophisticated. The top is covered in red sequins and glowing diamonds and the bottom looks like a tutu-skirt, made of white muslin. A total YES-YES.

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Let’s dress for winter!

winter is coming

You know the drill : every year we have to give up the frilly skirts, the petite shorts and the beautiful dresses, because -brace yourselves- winter is coming! But do not panic, there is a way to look stunning in winter without freezing to death and without looking frumpy. That way is : elegant coats, over-sized knitted sweaters and gorgeous dresses. Lolita will show you how to pair them up to create the best outfits ever! Enjoy 🙂



The coat is a must-have this winter! It doesn’t matter what fashion style you have, you can always find that perfect coat to fit you and make you look and feel beautiful. If you want a little bit of femininity, choose a tighter coat to emphasize your waist and wear it with tights and a dress/skirt underneath (outfits 1 and 7 in the collage above). If you desire to feel cozy and comfortable, pick a looser coat and wear it with a pair of jeans, boots/comfortable shoes and an over-sized bag (outfits 3, 4 and 8 in the collage). And if your style is elegant and sophisticated, choose a coat with a simple straight cut and wear it with tights or skinny jeans, high-heeled shoes and a simple bag (outfits 2, 5 and 6 in the collage). So flaunt your personal style by wearing the perfect coat!

For more ideas for the perfect coat check out Kate Middleton’s style here.

Winter dresses

1.  white lace dress

2.  elegant dress

3.  dress and jacket

4. christmas-clothes lace dress

6. black and white dress

7.  pink dress with tailored coat

8. petal_skirt_classic_lolita_dress

9. dress and jeans jacket

Even if you pick a shorter dress, if you wear it with tights, a longer coat and cozy boots, you won’t be cold and you will look absolutely amazing. So you can choose a bolder color like red (pictures number 4 and 8), whimsical white (pictures 1, 6 and 7) or go really elegant and pick a light gray (pictures 2, 3 and 9). Of course, the little black dress never gets old and you can make a big impression by wearing one (picture 5).

Winter outfits (sweaters and skirts)

10. white skirt black shirt

11. shirt and skirt

12. black jacket outfit

13. peach skirt

14. home made outfit

15elegant outfit

16. asian fashion

17.flower skirt 18.retro style

19.large sweater 20cute skirt

Pink skirts are in, as always. Pair them up with an over-sized sweater (pictures 13 and 19), a classy blouse/shirt (pictures 10 and 11) or a simple top (picture 12). You can also choose a black skirt and wear it with tight sweaters (picture 14), delicate blouses (picture 16) or knitted sweaters (picture 20). For a more retro style, pick a schoolgirl like outfit (picture 15) or go full vintage with a laced skirt, an over-sized sweater and retro accessories (picture 18). If you like the modern day-to-day look, pick a printed skirt and a neutral colored cardigan (picture 17). Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit for that extra wow-factor.

Next post will be all about the Christmas party outfit, so make sure you check it out here!

The Duchess of Cambridge

Since she has become Price William’s wife, the Duchess’ style has been impeccable. From the beautiful cocktail dresses to the cozy coats, her fashion sense is flawless : youthful, fresh and still very elegant and age-appropriate. So let’s take a look at how the next Queen of England likes to dress.


katemiddleton-30sept2012-08012013-jpg_173940  katemiddleton-11may2012-08012013-jpg_173933 katemiddleton-05june2012-08012013-jpg_173925  katemiddleton-8may2012-08012013-jpg_173932  malaysia-tea-party



Her dresses are stunning and her body is perfect, but she looks even better in coats. Long coats, short coats, medium ones, every color and every style – she has them all and she flaunts them all. Take a look!

White coats 


kate-middleton-the-duchess- katemiddleton-

Feminine coats





Long coats




Military coats 


kate-middleton-the-duchess-of-cambridge kate-middleton-the-duchess-of-cambridge-2

katemiddleton- The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge

What do you think of Kate’s fashion style?

A Little Fashionista

Every girl dreams of becoming a famous model, a well known designer or an amazing stylist, but not all of them end up being what they desired. Still, there is always a way of looking like a fashion icon from the pages of the magazines and that way is : do it yourself!


You can become a little fashionista by combining, arranging and rearranging the items you have in your wardrobe until you come up with those perfect outfits you’ve always wanted. Here are a few examples. Enjoy.

peach skirt

1. A black corset like top + a peach skirt + a pair of black high heels + a dark brown purse + an animal print scarf

peach skirt2

2. A turquoise top + a pink laced skirt + a brown narrow belt + brown high heeled sandals + other accessories

black and white outfit

3. A white simple top + a black and white skirt + a red purse + a black necklace ( + you can pick a pair of red/white/black shoes for this outfit).

disco style

4. A skirt with black polka dots + a cream top + a beautiful cream and black belt + brown pumps + a brown little bag

ballerina style

5. A ballerina like skirt + a white bra (you can also use a tank top or a strapless top) + cream and gold shoes + a golden bag + golden accessories


6. A pink skirt + an animal print top + white high heeled sandals + a white purse

white and turquoise

7. A white corset + a turquoise high waisted skirt + a white necklace ( + white or turquoise pumps)

white and black outfit2

8. A beautiful white dress with a black sash + black and silver shoes + a silver purse

printed dress

9. A colourful dress + a red purse + a white necklace + mauve shoes

black and blue

10. A black simple skirt + a jeans top + white pumps + a light turquoise bag + golden accessories

totally white

11. A white dress + a white narrow belt + a bracelet made of pearls, like a corsage + cream shoes + a cream purse

blue and green

12. A black corset + a blue and green skirt + black shoes + a black ribbon (as a hair piece) + a black bracelet

More outfits 

more outfits

Pink Perfection

pink dress

Let’s talk about the colour pink. When is it too much and how much is enough? Well…if you have a vibrant pink jumpsuit, or, even worse, a head to toe pink tracksuit accessorized with more pink…that’s way more than enough (unless you are Paris Hilton, of course). But if you want to wear pink with style, keep the outfit simple by using just one pink item (maybe even two when you think it’s appropiate, but no more).

Below are a few examples of pink otfits with style. Enjoy 🙂

peach dress

1. A peach airy dress, with a golden cardigan and golden accessories.

pink skirt

2. A short high-waisted skirt with a beautiful ribbon on one side, combined with a long-sleeved blouse made of lace, white high-heels and a brown bag (you can also use a white bag/purse).

peach skirt with ribbon

3. A beautiful peach skirt with a high waist, a little bow on one side and laced hem. You can wear it with a white or cream shirt or an unpatterned top/blouse.

goddess dress

4. A dress for a goddess. With a romantic Greek style, beautiful embellishments (the pink flowers, the precious belt and the cut like a fan on top of the right breast) and the empire waist, this dress is perfect for a lot of occasions (both formal and informal) and it will make you feel like the most important girl in the world.

short peach dress

5. A short peach dress with a simple cut and a Twiggy-like collar which goes perfectly with bright coloured shoes (intense blue, crimson, dark purple, light brown, dark green, maybe even gold/silver if you feel like it).

cute dress pink

5. A beautiful pink frilly dress, accessorized with a black cardigan and a grey belt, a pink bag, black stockings and a knitted collar.

pink shirt

6. A pink shirt, worn with a creamy-white frilly skirt, a narrow white belt and a brown heart-shaped purse.

pink anime girl

7. A pale pink blouse with a pretty bow, worn with a white skirt, white stockings, a white handbag and pink lolita shoes.

Stars in Red

Red is a strong colour, fit for a strong woman, so many of the celebrities want to stand out and amaze everybody with a red outfit, on the red carpet. Let’s see some of the most beautiful stars wearing this daring colour.

Taylor Swift is well known for her red dresses and she likes wearing them with every occasion.


Taylor Swift (red dress) Billboard Music Awards May 20 201203


Taylor Swift

Dita von Teese has an amazing body, but when she dresses in red, she transforms into a true goddess.

red dita

red dita2

red dita3

red dita4

red dita5

Everybody knows Kim Kardashian, but does she know her fashion? A thing is certain: she looks incredible in red.

kim red frontkim red back

kim red 2

kim red

kim red3Kim Kardashian - Red Dress

kim_kardashian_red dressKim-Kardashian-Craven-Red-Dress


Let’s see Selena Gomez dressed in red!

selena red full dress selena red2

selena red

America's Got Talent

selena red3

selena red4

selena red5