Christmas Outfits 1 (Red)

red skirt


Christmas is near and the question on everybody’s lips is: what are you going to wear to the Christmas party? Lolita will show you how to amaze everyone by wearing the most beautiful Christmas outfits.


But first of all, a big NO-NO are the costumy outfits that are not only hideous, but also unflattering and remind us of an old Halloween costume that nobody wants to wear anymore.


Sorry, Katy Perry, but some outfits are not meant to be shown to the public.

If you want to party with style and still have a themed outfit, check out the styles below.

Christmas means Red


1. red dress-christmas

2. Christmas dress

3. vintage red

4. Christmas-Dresses-

5. outfit-red

6. red_crossover_lolita dress

7. Christmas1

8. Valentine Dresses~ Tunics

If you want to feel sexy and glamorous, pick a red dress that will surely make an impression. Accessorize it with nude shoes/purses or find another contrasting color for the accessories (gold, white, black). Depending on your fashion style, you can choose a more classic dress (picture 1 and 3), a modern dress (2, 4 and 5), a Lolita style one (picture 6) or a very short and sexy one (pictures 7 and 8).

Street-wear streetwear  10.street-style

Red is a popular color for street-wear, as well. So wear a red dress with black tights, boots and maybe a longer coat (because it’s still cold outside). Don’t forget about the scarf, gloves and a belt to emphasize your waist.

Stars wearing Christmas outfits

kim-red dress

Kim, we appreciate your fashion sense and your courage to show off your curves. And this dress does miracles for everybody’s figure, especially due to the silver corset. Also, the high-heeled shoes make every girl look taller and leaner. So this is a total YES-YES.

katy perry in red

Katy, sometimes you dress like a Goddess and this dress is exactly what a Goddess would wear. The subtle shimmer of the dress, the heart-shaped corset, the big leg-opening and the red gloves are a perfect outfit for a Christmas party. Not to mention the gorgeous shoes with a double strap. So this is also a YES-YES.

selena gomez

Selena knows her stuff and how to flaunt it. So it’s not a surprise that she is almost always well-dressed and elegant. This dress is the perfect example – young and fresh, but sill looking expensive and sophisticated. The top is covered in red sequins and glowing diamonds and the bottom looks like a tutu-skirt, made of white muslin. A total YES-YES.

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Stars in Red

Red is a strong colour, fit for a strong woman, so many of the celebrities want to stand out and amaze everybody with a red outfit, on the red carpet. Let’s see some of the most beautiful stars wearing this daring colour.

Taylor Swift is well known for her red dresses and she likes wearing them with every occasion.


Taylor Swift (red dress) Billboard Music Awards May 20 201203


Taylor Swift

Dita von Teese has an amazing body, but when she dresses in red, she transforms into a true goddess.

red dita

red dita2

red dita3

red dita4

red dita5

Everybody knows Kim Kardashian, but does she know her fashion? A thing is certain: she looks incredible in red.

kim red frontkim red back

kim red 2

kim red

kim red3Kim Kardashian - Red Dress

kim_kardashian_red dressKim-Kardashian-Craven-Red-Dress


Let’s see Selena Gomez dressed in red!

selena red full dress selena red2

selena red

America's Got Talent

selena red3

selena red4

selena red5

Ruby Red

The sexy short red dress is the new little black dress, so it’s a must have this summer! Red is the color of love, life and sexuality, it’s the color of fire and blood, the color of passion and sensuality. A woman dressed in red will always be the centre of attention, she will always be seen as a very strong yet very feminine creature and all the heads will turn around when she passes by. So the red dress is ideal when you want to feel in total control, when you want to feel like you own the world or when you want to feel passion, beauty and sex-appeal.

red dress

1. A short red dress, with a beautiful bare back and a black band to emphasise the waist line, matched up with a simple black purse and black high-heels.

burgundy dress

2. An elegant burgundy dress, with an open back which almost seems carved in a heart shape, with thin straps and a very flattering cut, that emphasises the female curves. Regarding shoes, you can wear something feminine and pretty that is in tune with the style of the dress.

For example

burgundy shoes

red skirt

3. A sweet vintage dress, that is light and airy, accesorized with a straw hat with a red ribbon, black stockings and a retro black purse.