Beautiful Open Backs

I’m sorry I’ve been gone for some time, but now Lolita is back in business. And of course, the business we are talking about here is FASHION. This time I’m gonna show you some stunning dresses with open backs that you can wear practically everywhere: at parties, at formal events, at the disco and even when you are just talking a walk on the street.


1.  A peach-coloured dress with two beautiful ribbons.


2. A classy black dress with pearls, perfect to wear at a formal event.


3. A two-piece dress, consisting of white lace (at the top) and navy-blue velvet (at the bottom). The dress is accessorized with a big bow at the back.


4. A simple cut, a collar of pearls and two little stripes holding the dress together. What more can you ask for?


5. A dress with a unique back desing and the bottom part made entirely of lace.


6. Let’s pump it up with a crazy colour! The simple cut and the subtle opening at the back compensate for the brightness of the colour and the nude-coloured shoes are ideal for the outfit, emphasizing it.


7. The back of the dress is see-through, made of lace, as well as the hem at the bottom.


8. This cream-coloured dress is ideal for business meetings, cocktails or formal parties. Wear it with black or golden shoes for a more professional look or with a crazy coloured pair of shoes (red, bright yellow, purple, navy-blue) if you are going for a wild but still classy look.


9. A candy-pink dress, with a bare back and precious lace is a dress that every Lolita should own. It’s the dress for the princess inside that you can still wear ouside without being old fashioned, but young, fresh and modern.


10. It’s dusty-pink, elegant and beautiful and has a V-shaped back that fits the cut perfectly.


11. White and gold, the colours of the Greek Goddesses, taken from the files of history and brought back in a modern way, combined to create a beautiful outfit for the goddesses that live nowadays.


12. Bows and lace. What’s not to like?


13. A pink dress made of lace (the upper part) and a V-shaped back.


14. Short and tight, but still elegant and beautiful.


15. A dress with a gorgeous floral pattern, fit for summer and long walks in the park.


16. Last but not least, a pale mauve dress with lace (the bottom part) and an interesting back design.


Vintage Lolita Dresses

black lolita

1. A black lolita dress with a sweet bow and straps of white lace. You can wear it with lolita-type shoes like the ones below.

lolita shoes

lolita shoes2

black and white

2. A black and white lolita dress with matching stockings, gloves and headband.

victorian style

3. A gorgeous victorian style outfit that includes an olive skirt, a white blouse and a black overcoat.

olive vintage

4. An olive dress with a burgundy embroidery and a retro white blouse with a magnificent all-lace collar. You can wear it with a pair of  romantic, but still a little bit modern high-heels, like the ones below.



5. A simple burgundy lolita dress with a beautiful cut.


6. A whimsical Alice in Wonderland style dress with blue ribbons and a floral pattern. You can wear it with simple white shoes, like the ones below.



country style

7. A lolita dress with a country inspired pattern, ruffles and short sleeves. You can make this kind of dresses more casual if you pair them up with modern-type shoes. For example, you can match the dress above with the boots below for a more contemporary look.

cou ntry

Lolita in Pink

Lolita’s clothes express her inner feelings, her desires and her passions. They are not made of fabric, but air, light and magic. When she walks, she steps on air, when she runs, it seems she floats and when she dances, it feels like heaven…a heaven that went loose. That’s why she doesn’t just wear the clothes, she becomes one with the fabric that makes the clothes.

sweet lolita dress

1. Sweet pink lolita dress with pearls, white lace and bows.

cosplay lolita

2. Pale pink lolita dress with lace, bows and ribbons.

school style lolita dress

3. A school style lolita coat with a black ribbon, a fur collar and lace.

sailor moon outfit

4. A Sailor Moon style dress which is a peach pink and has pearls, lace and a beautiful bow as a belt.

modern lolita

5. A true modern Lolita. ♥