About Lolita

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Some say she’s just a novel character, some say she is ‘la femme fatale’, some still see her as a little girl, while others are absolutely infatuated with her…


She may have a lot of faces and even more masks, but in every girl, in every woman, there is a Lolita deep inside that wants to be admired, protected and adored.


She wants to feel beautiful and loved, she wants to be desired and worshiped like a goddess, she wants to be a real woman and an innocent child at the same time.

She is full of insecurities and weaknesses, full of flaws and fears, she is filled with anxiety and obsessive thoughts… she is so far away from perfection and still… she IS perfection.

Afterall, what cand be as perfect as a woman?

So…hi, my name is Lolita and I will show you the world as I see it…



2 thoughts on “About Lolita

  1. Do you have any idea where I can find the peach frilly heart shaped corset dress, the one with the necklace? I found that picture two years ago and I fell in love with it and my junior prom is this year and I want that dress.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t 😦 . But you can try on http://www.promgirl.com. Still, my advice is not to buy an online dress,because you can’t know how well it will fit. You can go to a dressmaker and show him/her the picture with the dress and ask if they can do something like that (the advantage is that you will get the same model and it will fit perfectly,because they are doing it especially for your body type). Good luck with the dress and have fun at your prom!

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