Christmas Outfits 2 (White)

imagine fundal



White is the color of the season, so why not pick a whimsical white outfit to wear at the Christmas party? As long as it is tasteful but not matronly and sexy but not slutty, a white dress can make you feel the magic of winter. Cream and peach are also winter-appropriate colors, as well as light blue and navy blue.




White outfits

white laced dress

white lace- dress

open back-heartshaped

heart-shaped corset dress

White and black outfits

white and black

white coat

 large (3)

lolita dress- black and white white dress black lace

Cream outfits

cream and black

 laced collar-dress

cream skirt

White and cream shoes 

cream ribbon shoes

cream classy shoes


white platform shoes

Baby blue and navy blue dresses

baby blue

large (2)

                      navy blue        short dress

For more Red Christmas outfits, click here.

For Green Christmas outfits, click here.


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