A Little Fashionista

Every girl dreams of becoming a famous model, a well known designer or an amazing stylist, but not all of them end up being what they desired. Still, there is always a way of looking like a fashion icon from the pages of the magazines and that way is : do it yourself!


You can become a little fashionista by combining, arranging and rearranging the items you have in your wardrobe until you come up with those perfect outfits you’ve always wanted. Here are a few examples. Enjoy.

peach skirt

1. A black corset like top + a peach skirt + a pair of black high heels + a dark brown purse + an animal print scarf

peach skirt2

2. A turquoise top + a pink laced skirt + a brown narrow belt + brown high heeled sandals + other accessories

black and white outfit

3. A white simple top + a black and white skirt + a red purse + a black necklace ( + you can pick a pair of red/white/black shoes for this outfit).

disco style

4. A skirt with black polka dots + a cream top + a beautiful cream and black belt + brown pumps + a brown little bag

ballerina style

5. A ballerina like skirt + a white bra (you can also use a tank top or a strapless top) + cream and gold shoes + a golden bag + golden accessories


6. A pink skirt + an animal print top + white high heeled sandals + a white purse

white and turquoise

7. A white corset + a turquoise high waisted skirt + a white necklace ( + white or turquoise pumps)

white and black outfit2

8. A beautiful white dress with a black sash + black and silver shoes + a silver purse

printed dress

9. A colourful dress + a red purse + a white necklace + mauve shoes

black and blue

10. A black simple skirt + a jeans top + white pumps + a light turquoise bag + golden accessories

totally white

11. A white dress + a white narrow belt + a bracelet made of pearls, like a corsage + cream shoes + a cream purse

blue and green

12. A black corset + a blue and green skirt + black shoes + a black ribbon (as a hair piece) + a black bracelet

More outfits 

more outfits


3 thoughts on “A Little Fashionista

    • Thanks, dear! Your blog is also amazing and i love your fashion style. So keep up the good job and if you ever feel the need to share fashion tips/outfits or whatever, you know where to find me. Btw, Lolita is your newest follower 🙂

      • Thank you so much! That is so sweet and same to you! Hopefully I’ll see you around my blog and you’ll definitely see me around yours! 🙂

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