Stars in Red

Red is a strong colour, fit for a strong woman, so many of the celebrities want to stand out and amaze everybody with a red outfit, on the red carpet. Let’s see some of the most beautiful stars wearing this daring colour.

Taylor Swift is well known for her red dresses and she likes wearing them with every occasion.


Taylor Swift (red dress) Billboard Music Awards May 20 201203


Taylor Swift

Dita von Teese has an amazing body, but when she dresses in red, she transforms into a true goddess.

red dita

red dita2

red dita3

red dita4

red dita5

Everybody knows Kim Kardashian, but does she know her fashion? A thing is certain: she looks incredible in red.

kim red frontkim red back

kim red 2

kim red

kim red3Kim Kardashian - Red Dress

kim_kardashian_red dressKim-Kardashian-Craven-Red-Dress


Let’s see Selena Gomez dressed in red!

selena red full dress selena red2

selena red

America's Got Talent

selena red3

selena red4

selena red5


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