Pink Perfection

pink dress

Let’s talk about the colour pink. When is it too much and how much is enough? Well…if you have a vibrant pink jumpsuit, or, even worse, a head to toe pink tracksuit accessorized with more pink…that’s way more than enough (unless you are Paris Hilton, of course). But if you want to wear pink with style, keep the outfit simple by using just one pink item (maybe even two when you think it’s appropiate, but no more).

Below are a few examples of pink otfits with style. Enjoy 🙂

peach dress

1. A peach airy dress, with a golden cardigan and golden accessories.

pink skirt

2. A short high-waisted skirt with a beautiful ribbon on one side, combined with a long-sleeved blouse made of lace, white high-heels and a brown bag (you can also use a white bag/purse).

peach skirt with ribbon

3. A beautiful peach skirt with a high waist, a little bow on one side and laced hem. You can wear it with a white or cream shirt or an unpatterned top/blouse.

goddess dress

4. A dress for a goddess. With a romantic Greek style, beautiful embellishments (the pink flowers, the precious belt and the cut like a fan on top of the right breast) and the empire waist, this dress is perfect for a lot of occasions (both formal and informal) and it will make you feel like the most important girl in the world.

short peach dress

5. A short peach dress with a simple cut and a Twiggy-like collar which goes perfectly with bright coloured shoes (intense blue, crimson, dark purple, light brown, dark green, maybe even gold/silver if you feel like it).

cute dress pink

5. A beautiful pink frilly dress, accessorized with a black cardigan and a grey belt, a pink bag, black stockings and a knitted collar.

pink shirt

6. A pink shirt, worn with a creamy-white frilly skirt, a narrow white belt and a brown heart-shaped purse.

pink anime girl

7. A pale pink blouse with a pretty bow, worn with a white skirt, white stockings, a white handbag and pink lolita shoes.

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