A Little Fashionista

Every girl dreams of becoming a famous model, a well known designer or an amazing stylist, but not all of them end up being what they desired. Still, there is always a way of looking like a fashion icon from the pages of the magazines and that way is : do it yourself!


You can become a little fashionista by combining, arranging and rearranging the items you have in your wardrobe until you come up with those perfect outfits you’ve always wanted. Here are a few examples. Enjoy.

peach skirt

1. A black corset like top + a peach skirt + a pair of black high heels + a dark brown purse + an animal print scarf

peach skirt2

2. A turquoise top + a pink laced skirt + a brown narrow belt + brown high heeled sandals + other accessories

black and white outfit

3. A white simple top + a black and white skirt + a red purse + a black necklace ( + you can pick a pair of red/white/black shoes for this outfit).

disco style

4. A skirt with black polka dots + a cream top + a beautiful cream and black belt + brown pumps + a brown little bag

ballerina style

5. A ballerina like skirt + a white bra (you can also use a tank top or a strapless top) + cream and gold shoes + a golden bag + golden accessories


6. A pink skirt + an animal print top + white high heeled sandals + a white purse

white and turquoise

7. A white corset + a turquoise high waisted skirt + a white necklace ( + white or turquoise pumps)

white and black outfit2

8. A beautiful white dress with a black sash + black and silver shoes + a silver purse

printed dress

9. A colourful dress + a red purse + a white necklace + mauve shoes

black and blue

10. A black simple skirt + a jeans top + white pumps + a light turquoise bag + golden accessories

totally white

11. A white dress + a white narrow belt + a bracelet made of pearls, like a corsage + cream shoes + a cream purse

blue and green

12. A black corset + a blue and green skirt + black shoes + a black ribbon (as a hair piece) + a black bracelet

More outfits 

more outfits


Pink Perfection

pink dress

Let’s talk about the colour pink. When is it too much and how much is enough? Well…if you have a vibrant pink jumpsuit, or, even worse, a head to toe pink tracksuit accessorized with more pink…that’s way more than enough (unless you are Paris Hilton, of course). But if you want to wear pink with style, keep the outfit simple by using just one pink item (maybe even two when you think it’s appropiate, but no more).

Below are a few examples of pink otfits with style. Enjoy 🙂

peach dress

1. A peach airy dress, with a golden cardigan and golden accessories.

pink skirt

2. A short high-waisted skirt with a beautiful ribbon on one side, combined with a long-sleeved blouse made of lace, white high-heels and a brown bag (you can also use a white bag/purse).

peach skirt with ribbon

3. A beautiful peach skirt with a high waist, a little bow on one side and laced hem. You can wear it with a white or cream shirt or an unpatterned top/blouse.

goddess dress

4. A dress for a goddess. With a romantic Greek style, beautiful embellishments (the pink flowers, the precious belt and the cut like a fan on top of the right breast) and the empire waist, this dress is perfect for a lot of occasions (both formal and informal) and it will make you feel like the most important girl in the world.

short peach dress

5. A short peach dress with a simple cut and a Twiggy-like collar which goes perfectly with bright coloured shoes (intense blue, crimson, dark purple, light brown, dark green, maybe even gold/silver if you feel like it).

cute dress pink

5. A beautiful pink frilly dress, accessorized with a black cardigan and a grey belt, a pink bag, black stockings and a knitted collar.

pink shirt

6. A pink shirt, worn with a creamy-white frilly skirt, a narrow white belt and a brown heart-shaped purse.

pink anime girl

7. A pale pink blouse with a pretty bow, worn with a white skirt, white stockings, a white handbag and pink lolita shoes.

Stars in Red

Red is a strong colour, fit for a strong woman, so many of the celebrities want to stand out and amaze everybody with a red outfit, on the red carpet. Let’s see some of the most beautiful stars wearing this daring colour.

Taylor Swift is well known for her red dresses and she likes wearing them with every occasion.


Taylor Swift (red dress) Billboard Music Awards May 20 201203


Taylor Swift

Dita von Teese has an amazing body, but when she dresses in red, she transforms into a true goddess.

red dita

red dita2

red dita3

red dita4

red dita5

Everybody knows Kim Kardashian, but does she know her fashion? A thing is certain: she looks incredible in red.

kim red frontkim red back

kim red 2

kim red

kim red3Kim Kardashian - Red Dress

kim_kardashian_red dressKim-Kardashian-Craven-Red-Dress


Let’s see Selena Gomez dressed in red!

selena red full dress selena red2

selena red

America's Got Talent

selena red3

selena red4

selena red5

Summer Skirts

summer skirtsA lot of countries celebrate summer as one of the most important seasons, especiallly the ancient civilizations (the Romans, the ancient Greeks, even the Egyptians were praying to the Sun God and were hoping he would succeed in his battle against the moon and the night) and indeed, what’s there not to celebrate? The beautiful warm sun, the clear blue skies, all those children running around and playing freely, the fresh breeze of the sea and, of course, the fashion sense that everybody’s showing off, now that they are no longer trapped in the huge sweaters and hoodies, the long and thick pants and the raincoats they used to wear all year round.

So here we are and here we go… enjoy the most exquisite summer skirts ever.

vintage white

1. Short, white and frilly, with a brown belt and a jeans shirt, this skirt is perfect for going out with friends and enjoying every minute of summer, like we’re supposed to.

romatinc vintage

2. A romatic vintage look for the colder nights/days. The beautiful skirt is accessorized with a narrow leather belt, a brown retro bag, stockings and an XXL blouse.

lace skirt

3. How about a peach skirt made entirely out of lace? Combined with a black simple top and black high-heels, this skirt will make all heads turn around and everybody will appreciate your fashion style.

hippie style

4. Let’s bring the hippie style back and make it more modern! All you need is a lace skirt with retro influences (the skirt can be knitted or semi see-through, it can even be made of organic fabric like flax) and a looser blouse with a print (flowers, bubbles, whatever you think it fits with the skirt) and basically that’s about it. Add a pretty necklace, a pair of roman sandals like the ones below and you are ready to face the world and show that you are a really fashionista.

sandals        sandals3


elegant skirt

5. Dare to be elegant and sophisticated by wearing a beautiful Sailor Moon-like skirt, with a white business style shirt and cream high-heels.

bow skirt

7. For a cute innocent look, try a skirt with a sweet pattern (bows like in the picture or hearts, flowers, bubbles, whatever you like) and mix it up with a simple (unpatterned) top that has a pale colour. Put on a pair of pumps, take a small purse and you are ready.

the girl next door look

8. If you like the girl next door look, go for a simple skirt and an XXL knitted sweater (or a loose blouse) that you can accessorize as you wish, but remember : for this kind of look less is actually more, so don’t overdo it.

twiggy style

9. Twiggy style with a classy touch. All you need is a short black shirt and a white blouse with a black collar (you can buy the collar individually like an accessory, it doesn’t have to come with the blouse). The classy touch is given by the material of the blouse (it can be lace or silk or anything else that looks expensive) and by the chain belt. Try to incorporate that chain in other accessories you want to wear with this outfit (for example you can have the strap of the purse made of golden chain or the shoes can have a little bit of chain like in the pictures below).

chain shoes

chain shoes2              chain shoe

chain shoes3

black lace

10. Black short and frilly, with a high waist and a big bow to emphasize the waist line, this skirt can be worn either with a patterned shirt (stripes/dots for a retro or a cowgirl look) or a simple top (for a cleaner look) or a girly classy blouse , it all depends on you.

alice in wonderland

11. Modern Alice in Wonderland. The skirt is pretty voluminous, but the texture, the colour, the pattern and the vintage air it inspires are pretty good reasons to try out a skirt like this. Combine it with a ruffled shirt or a tight blouse with a retro design and don’t forget to accessorize the outfit (vintage pocket clocks, broaches, pearls, hair pins and so on).

Tight and high-waisted skirts: streetwear

high waist high waisted skirt

pink high waist

The Prom Queen

prom queen

Have you ever wandered what’s like to be the queen of the prom?

Well…the outfit it’s at least half of  it…. the rest it’s up to you and it’s all about the attitude. So be daring, be sassy, be yourself, wear a special dress to emphasize your natural beauty and you will definitely become the queen of the prom.

Let’s try the 60’s style

60's style

And this means frilly knee-long dresses in light colours (like: pale pink, soft yellow, baby blue, peach, cream) with thin or wide straps and different coloured shoes (white, black, dark viloet, navy-blue, crimson, gold or silver if the colour of the dress allowes it).

Tinkerbell (the fairy) style

tinkerbell style

A very light, airy one-shouldered dress in a peachy white colour with a beautiful baby blue ribbon.

tinkerbell white

Or the strapless version, with a cleaner cut and more waist definition.

Classy in white 

classy white

wide shoulders

modern white

Short, with lace or with big Cinderella-like shoulders, a white  simple dress can be all you need if you are going for the classy modern look.

The black dress 

black dress

The upper part of the dress is a heart shaped corset and the bottom a longer tutu skirt, the waist being defined with a peach ribbon (you can use whatever colour you like for the ribbon as long as you match it with the colour of the shoes or with the colour of the purse).

black and gold

Black and gold always suggest luxury and opulence to the watcher, so you can try spicing up your little black dress with some gold (oh, and don’t forget the golden shoes).

black laced dress

Black goes well with lace, it makes the garment look more sophisticated and somehow classier. So if you like lace, go for it, cause it’s the right choice.

black dress2

retro steampunk

A little bit disco, a little bit steampunk…the output is not bad at all. Try a pair of shoes like the ones below for a bolder outfit.



lolita style

A goth Lolita-style dress with lace and a pretty voluminous lower part, with a black sash around the waist. Although it’s very beautiful, such a dress may be difficult to wear (while trying to have a good time and maybe dance) or it may not look good on everybody, so be careful when buying a dress like that.


Pink dresses for princesses

train dress

Do you feel like you really wanna stand out? Then go for a princess look: a dress in a pink shade, with a corset, a few details (roses or flowers) and a train.

long vintage dress

Or how about a peach mermaid dress and a beautiful hair accessory?

pink flamingo

Or a pink frilly dress with a heart-shaped corset and a vintage necklace?

black and pink

Or perhaps a ballerina style dress with a little bit of black ?

Romantic dresses

black and white

black and white2

bow pattern

Black and white can seem boring but if you know how to mix them, you could end up with something tasteful and elegant.

pink sash

white and blue

How about white and colours? Well…why not? Match the colour you choose (pink, navy-blue, purple, turquoise, crimson) with the purse’s colour or the shoes’.

white and flowers

white and pearls

White and cream look good together, especially when lace and pearls are also involved.

A Vintage Wedding


As I promised, this is the third post about wedding dresses and it is dedicated to the vintage wedding dresses that are timeless, ageless and can make any girl feel like an old movie star. Those dresses are sophisticated yet simple, accessorized yet tasteful and look expensive yet they cost no more than a regular wedding dress. So if you wanna feel like you’ve just arrived form the past century and you think your wedding is the perfect occasion to do so, take a look at these amazing retro wedding gowns.

amazing wedding dress

beautiful back turtle neck wedding dressmermaid dress

mermaid dress2

vintage black and white

details- vintage dress


vintage 2- amazing head-band

with veil

simple dress

russian old style

mermeid dress -white and gold

amazing lace

amazing lace2

And here are some accessories you can wear with your beautiful vintage dress.


head-band and veil


Vintage shoes

shoes white white roses

transparent-lace shoes



white shoes2

white shoes3

white shoes





vintage9                      vintage11

vintage10                      vintageshoes