Frilly Skirts

Now that summer is almost here and there are 40 Celsius degrees outside, how about showing some leg, ladies? I have a few ideas of what you can wear this summer and look absolutely fabulous without a sweat! Enjoy ♥

white skirt

1. A gorgeous white skirt with a rose pattern, which can be worn with a white blouse/cardigan/sleeveless top.

white skirt2

2. A beautiful ballerina-style skirt that can be worn even when it’s colder outside, if you pair it up with a thicker cardigan/sweater.

turquoise skirt

3. A magnificent high-waisted turquoise skirt worn with a heart-shaped white corset and accessorized with a wild studded purse.


4. A frilly black skirt made of veil with a big ribbon as belt, worn with a simple tank top.

pink skirt

5. A high-waisted polka dot skirt, worn with a white lace blouse.

ballerina skirt

6. An adorable light-purple ballerina skirt worn with a thick belt and a white frilly blouse.


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