Vintage Lolita Dresses

black lolita

1. A black lolita dress with a sweet bow and straps of white lace. You can wear it with lolita-type shoes like the ones below.

lolita shoes

lolita shoes2

black and white

2. A black and white lolita dress with matching stockings, gloves and headband.

victorian style

3. A gorgeous victorian style outfit that includes an olive skirt, a white blouse and a black overcoat.

olive vintage

4. An olive dress with a burgundy embroidery and a retro white blouse with a magnificent all-lace collar. You can wear it with a pair of  romantic, but still a little bit modern high-heels, like the ones below.



5. A simple burgundy lolita dress with a beautiful cut.


6. A whimsical Alice in Wonderland style dress with blue ribbons and a floral pattern. You can wear it with simple white shoes, like the ones below.



country style

7. A lolita dress with a country inspired pattern, ruffles and short sleeves. You can make this kind of dresses more casual if you pair them up with modern-type shoes. For example, you can match the dress above with the boots below for a more contemporary look.

cou ntry


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