Ruby Red

The sexy short red dress is the new little black dress, so it’s a must have this summer! Red is the color of love, life and sexuality, it’s the color of fire and blood, the color of passion and sensuality. A woman dressed in red will always be the centre of attention, she will always be seen as a very strong yet very feminine creature and all the heads will turn around when she passes by. So the red dress is ideal when you want to feel in total control, when you want to feel like you own the world or when you want to feel passion, beauty and sex-appeal.

red dress

1. A short red dress, with a beautiful bare back and a black band to emphasise the waist line, matched up with a simple black purse and black high-heels.

burgundy dress

2. An elegant burgundy dress, with an open back which almost seems carved in a heart shape, with thin straps and a very flattering cut, that emphasises the female curves. Regarding shoes, you can wear something feminine and pretty that is in tune with the style of the dress.

For example

burgundy shoes

red skirt

3. A sweet vintage dress, that is light and airy, accesorized with a straw hat with a red ribbon, black stockings and a retro black purse.




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