Lolita in Pink

Lolita’s clothes express her inner feelings, her desires and her passions. They are not made of fabric, but air, light and magic. When she walks, she steps on air, when she runs, it seems she floats and when she dances, it feels like heaven…a heaven that went loose. That’s why she doesn’t just wear the clothes, she becomes one with the fabric that makes the clothes.

sweet lolita dress

1. Sweet pink lolita dress with pearls, white lace and bows.

cosplay lolita

2. Pale pink lolita dress with lace, bows and ribbons.

school style lolita dress

3. A school style lolita coat with a black ribbon, a fur collar and lace.

sailor moon outfit

4. A Sailor Moon style dress which is a peach pink and has pearls, lace and a beautiful bow as a belt.

modern lolita

5. A true modern Lolita. ♥

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