Pretentious pink

Every girl dreams to be a princess dressed in a fluffy pink prom gown, wearing a diamond tiara, matching shoes and glamorous accessories. prom dress But when it comes to wearing it on the streets, it may be totally impractical. So here are a few ideas of what you can wear outside without being considered ‘outdated’ or ‘out of our world’ and still feel like a real princess or a true Barbie doll. Enjoy. ♥

lace dress 1. A knee length pale-pink dress made out of lace, accessorized with a narrow brown belt and a rectangular white purse with a golden chain as strap. You can wear flats or high heels, as long as they have a round tip (ballerina style) and match the color of the dress. (See below)

Flats (ballerina, simple and ribbon pale pink pumps)

ballerina flatssimple flatsribbon flats

High heels (ribbon, platform, vintage and open toe pale pink high heels)

ribbon high heels pink platforms

vintage high heels

open toe high heels

pink ribbon dress

2. A pale pink simple dress, with a darker pink ribbon to emphasise the waist line and subtle feminine sleeves. It is accessorized with white pearls, a small white bag and elegant golden bracelets.


golden open toe

open-toe-pale-pink-200x200golden and straps

all pink dress

3. A short doll-like dress, made entirely out of lace, with a vintage collar and fuzzy sleeves and a special cut that shows off the waist line. As accessories, you can wear lace socks, round pale pink sunglasses, a cute ribbon hat and baby-blue high heels (you should match them with other pieces from your outfit or, if you want, with the color of your nails).

pink goddess

4. A dress for a true goddess made of pink silk, with a simple cut and a beautiful corset. The silver embellishments at the top of the dress make the whole outfit sophisticated and modern and add a bit of colour to the dress (you can match the colour of the shoes with the silver embellisments, by choosing a pair of metallic or silver shoes like the ones below).


silversandals silver

silver_high-heel1silver-prom-shoes-2012-Elliesilvershoes silver-evening-shoes


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