Frilly Skirts

Now that summer is almost here and there are 40 Celsius degrees outside, how about showing some leg, ladies? I have a few ideas of what you can wear this summer and look absolutely fabulous without a sweat! Enjoy ♥

white skirt

1. A gorgeous white skirt with a rose pattern, which can be worn with a white blouse/cardigan/sleeveless top.

white skirt2

2. A beautiful ballerina-style skirt that can be worn even when it’s colder outside, if you pair it up with a thicker cardigan/sweater.

turquoise skirt

3. A magnificent high-waisted turquoise skirt worn with a heart-shaped white corset and accessorized with a wild studded purse.


4. A frilly black skirt made of veil with a big ribbon as belt, worn with a simple tank top.

pink skirt

5. A high-waisted polka dot skirt, worn with a white lace blouse.

ballerina skirt

6. An adorable light-purple ballerina skirt worn with a thick belt and a white frilly blouse.


Vintage Lolita Dresses

black lolita

1. A black lolita dress with a sweet bow and straps of white lace. You can wear it with lolita-type shoes like the ones below.

lolita shoes

lolita shoes2

black and white

2. A black and white lolita dress with matching stockings, gloves and headband.

victorian style

3. A gorgeous victorian style outfit that includes an olive skirt, a white blouse and a black overcoat.

olive vintage

4. An olive dress with a burgundy embroidery and a retro white blouse with a magnificent all-lace collar. You can wear it with a pair of  romantic, but still a little bit modern high-heels, like the ones below.



5. A simple burgundy lolita dress with a beautiful cut.


6. A whimsical Alice in Wonderland style dress with blue ribbons and a floral pattern. You can wear it with simple white shoes, like the ones below.



country style

7. A lolita dress with a country inspired pattern, ruffles and short sleeves. You can make this kind of dresses more casual if you pair them up with modern-type shoes. For example, you can match the dress above with the boots below for a more contemporary look.

cou ntry

Lolita in Pink

Lolita’s clothes express her inner feelings, her desires and her passions. They are not made of fabric, but air, light and magic. When she walks, she steps on air, when she runs, it seems she floats and when she dances, it feels like heaven…a heaven that went loose. That’s why she doesn’t just wear the clothes, she becomes one with the fabric that makes the clothes.

sweet lolita dress

1. Sweet pink lolita dress with pearls, white lace and bows.

cosplay lolita

2. Pale pink lolita dress with lace, bows and ribbons.

school style lolita dress

3. A school style lolita coat with a black ribbon, a fur collar and lace.

sailor moon outfit

4. A Sailor Moon style dress which is a peach pink and has pearls, lace and a beautiful bow as a belt.

modern lolita

5. A true modern Lolita. ♥

Ruby Red

The sexy short red dress is the new little black dress, so it’s a must have this summer! Red is the color of love, life and sexuality, it’s the color of fire and blood, the color of passion and sensuality. A woman dressed in red will always be the centre of attention, she will always be seen as a very strong yet very feminine creature and all the heads will turn around when she passes by. So the red dress is ideal when you want to feel in total control, when you want to feel like you own the world or when you want to feel passion, beauty and sex-appeal.

red dress

1. A short red dress, with a beautiful bare back and a black band to emphasise the waist line, matched up with a simple black purse and black high-heels.

burgundy dress

2. An elegant burgundy dress, with an open back which almost seems carved in a heart shape, with thin straps and a very flattering cut, that emphasises the female curves. Regarding shoes, you can wear something feminine and pretty that is in tune with the style of the dress.

For example

burgundy shoes

red skirt

3. A sweet vintage dress, that is light and airy, accesorized with a straw hat with a red ribbon, black stockings and a retro black purse.




Pretentious pink

Every girl dreams to be a princess dressed in a fluffy pink prom gown, wearing a diamond tiara, matching shoes and glamorous accessories. prom dress But when it comes to wearing it on the streets, it may be totally impractical. So here are a few ideas of what you can wear outside without being considered ‘outdated’ or ‘out of our world’ and still feel like a real princess or a true Barbie doll. Enjoy. ♥

lace dress 1. A knee length pale-pink dress made out of lace, accessorized with a narrow brown belt and a rectangular white purse with a golden chain as strap. You can wear flats or high heels, as long as they have a round tip (ballerina style) and match the color of the dress. (See below)

Flats (ballerina, simple and ribbon pale pink pumps)

ballerina flatssimple flatsribbon flats

High heels (ribbon, platform, vintage and open toe pale pink high heels)

ribbon high heels pink platforms

vintage high heels

open toe high heels

pink ribbon dress

2. A pale pink simple dress, with a darker pink ribbon to emphasise the waist line and subtle feminine sleeves. It is accessorized with white pearls, a small white bag and elegant golden bracelets.


golden open toe

open-toe-pale-pink-200x200golden and straps

all pink dress

3. A short doll-like dress, made entirely out of lace, with a vintage collar and fuzzy sleeves and a special cut that shows off the waist line. As accessories, you can wear lace socks, round pale pink sunglasses, a cute ribbon hat and baby-blue high heels (you should match them with other pieces from your outfit or, if you want, with the color of your nails).

pink goddess

4. A dress for a true goddess made of pink silk, with a simple cut and a beautiful corset. The silver embellishments at the top of the dress make the whole outfit sophisticated and modern and add a bit of colour to the dress (you can match the colour of the shoes with the silver embellisments, by choosing a pair of metallic or silver shoes like the ones below).


silversandals silver

silver_high-heel1silver-prom-shoes-2012-Elliesilvershoes silver-evening-shoes